Blogs and vlogs

These people have been influential to me.

John Paul II to me sounds like a legitimate Christian.


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John Paul II blog Angelus / Regina Caeli 2000 - John Paul II Christianity (I like John Paul II (so far) – haven’t decided on the rest)
Derek Prince vlog Derek Prince - YouTube Christianity (very much trust)
Father Spyridon vlog Father Spyridon - YouTube Orthodox Christian teaching
Andrew Tiner vlog WarningThePeople - YouTube This person is a true hearer of Jesus’ voice
Peter Kirby resource Early Christian Writings New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers
Lion of Judah vlog Lion of Judah - YouTube Christianity


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Laria Reynolds blog Prompt Engineering, AI Collaboration, Philosophy
Basile Verhulst blog Travelling, Digital nomad
Carin Meier blog Clojure, NLP
Mark Watson books Haskell, Clojure, Lisp, NLP, Ontology
John Stevenson blog Clojure, emacs
Richard Stallman blog Freedom software
Andrew Dougherty blog Altruistic AI
LOGICMOO software Transparent AGI
EleutherAI AI models Freedom AI
Free Software Foundation software Freedom software


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Math4IQB vlog Math4IQB - YouTube Information Theory
Gwern Bransen blog GPT-2 Neural Network Poetry Haskell, NLP, R
Fabian Dablander blog Fabian Dablander - PhD Student Methods Statistics Math, statistics, latex
John Kitchen blog The Kitchin Research Group Emacs
John D. Cook blog Consulting in mathematics, statistics, and data privacy Math, statistics
Sacha Chua blog Living an awesome life :: Sacha Chua New emacs packages


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John Kitchen blog The Kitchin Research Group emacs
Matt Might blog formal language theory


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William E. Byrd blog scheme/racket


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Cameron Kerr blog , Distracted-IT Telecommunications


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Richard O’Keefe blog Prolog


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CSS Zen Garden resource CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design Web design


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Nir Sofer (NirSoft) blog About NirSoft Freeware Security


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NeHe productions blog NeHe Productions - Everything OpenGL OpenGL, C++, VB6


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vbsnippets resource VB6, Win32


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2020 Minimum edit distance for finding string distance DBMS, NLP
2020 Evaluation of language model using Perplexity DBMS, NLP
2019 Fabian Dablander Two properties of the Gaussian distribution - Fabian Dablander Math, statistics, latex
2019 Fabian Dablander A brief primer on Variational Inference - Fabian Dablander Math, statistics, latex
2019 Brendan Gregg Brendan Gregg’s Homepage BPF: A New Type of Software Performance engineering
2019 Jeff Shek Lessons Learned from Building an AI Writing App Guide NLP
2019 How to Build a Text Generator using Keras in Python - Python Code NLP, text generation
2019 Automated Keyword Extraction from Articles using NLP NLP
2019 Keywords Extraction with Ngram and Modified Skip-gram based on spaCy
2019 Understand TextRank for Keyword Extraction by Python NLP