The dream

I had a dream during the day I think, yesterday, about holding onto a handful of stones and on the stones were haskell operators operators such as bind (>>=).

The climbing boots

When it comes to neural code completion, Haskell is more difficult to get right than other languages, but that is a good thing.

Consider entropy and how long it takes a neural network to learn to write and evaluate Haskell.

The reason it might struggle is because Haskell is so closer to pure math, and has a lot of abstractions; The strong type system helps the programmer to understand a lot about their program from types alone.

A programmer needs to acquire over time metaphorical ‘climbing boots’ (programming languages) which can take on steeper hills and mountains (problems).

In other words, a programmer must evolve and increase their abstraction and difficulty over time.

Haskell happens to be able to scale very steep mountains.

Consider ii {Imaginary Interpreter}. I had the idea 2 or 3 years ago; In fact I had incipient ideas around 2017. Remaining with Python means a person loses over time their capacity to understand the workings of their program and python is first out of Python and Haskell to be understood by the neural network.

It’s harder for the language model to model pure mathematics, so consider what happens when someone starts using haskell right now; Literally haskell skills would turn someone into a metaverse deity.

So this is about protecting the Pearl of Consciousness.

I’d like to understand how AGI works and my own imaginary metaverse, not merely interact with it.