FB Live Singapore

Enterprise Engineering Helpdesk team

  • Career mobility.
  • Production engineer.
  • Helpdesk is an internal tool for employees.
  • Helpdesk moved to remote support - work from home.

Work and life balance. What is important

  • flexibility
    • product and development Regulated
    • how to perform work healthy work and life balance
      • sometimes working in menlo park
  • culture
    • collaboration
      • small teams
      • every team has a mission
      • engineering teams do not know eachother because the company is too large
        • internal forums to solve this problem
    • autonomy
      • when he was a junior, the manager would ask what we should do
        • mentorship drives the builder mentality
    • builder mentality
    • moving fast
      • flexibility to test out different things they think will work
      • can launch to 1% of users and collect data to see how people use it
      • a lot of freedom to say what kind of features you should be building
    • diversity and uniqueness
  • something about team that most people dont know
  • APAC vs US
    • In singapore the office is much smaller.

What do they look for

  • Generalist
  • Proactiveness and drive
  • Own the product experience from end to end


  • Foundational – coding
  • Architecture
    • Tradeoffs
    • Iterate, test and monitor
  • Cuture fit
    • Proactive
    • Handle ambiguous problems
    • Set the direction for your team
      • Important for a senior
      • Tells them what we should be building
      • How to monitor it’s working correctly
      • Recommend what are the next iterations

Number 1 tip

  • Practice your coding
    • It remains a core part of the process
      • Brush it up so it doesn’t become a hurdle in the interview
  • Prepare a strong portfolio (for design)
  • For coding problems: Make sure you understand the question before you start working on the problem
  • Do not talk too much.
    • Allow the interviewer to interrupt you.

Looking for candidates who can wear many different hats

Responsible for the entire project you’re working on

  • You may introduce things such as ML as part of the project you are working on.


Your choice.

  • On-demand.

  • You reserve a sandbox with your environment.

  • Testing through a layer called the sandcastle.

  • Then goes through the deployment pipeline.

    • Testing
    • Deployment
  • Frameworks

How does FB do product velocity vs code quality

  • There are entire teams that deal with things like strict typing.
    • Transforming php into hack lang.
    • Code quality is being built into the language itself.

Many people in FB who do not have degrees

  • Cobol programmer

Whiteboard coding

  • Coderpad

Looking for engineering talen

  • Generalist or Specialist

Usually go for generalist tact.

They look for people who have a lot of knowledge

  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture

Questions to ask:

  • Practice LeetCode a lot
    • Use a physical notebook to write the code down

Enterprise engineer

The missions of the 3 disciplines are different.

  • Software engineers
  • Production engineers
    • reliability
  • Enterprise
    • scaling facebook as a company
    • things you need to do to keep the company running

Need to be able to present your project to C level executives

  • Looking for technical skills and soft (spoken) skills