Work in Progress

1 Corinthians 15:50
Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

So the Kingdom of God is a treasure which we are building collectively.


I will interpret the Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Philip for the purpose of describing the Kingdom of God.

I think I have entered into the KoG early. I believe that I have been through the rebirth around Easter and was tested by angels in this time I think.

I actually just want to act on faith with this. This is what people should do generally. I can’t confirm for you just listen to God, not me directly. I’m just blogging about my own beliefs.

God’s kingdom is not yet complete

Thomas 4

(4) Jesus said, "The man old in days will not
hesitate to ask a small child seven days old
about the place of life, and he will live. For
many who are first will become last, and they
will become one and the same."

Gospel of Thomas

Like children

  • Literally, undress unashamed, stand on your clothes and stomp on them.

When this happens we will see the son of the living one. Perhaps this is when you enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

The Son of God is the beginning and the end. Once you have known the beginning, you have also seen the end.

I have documented in secret what I have done.

Gospel of Philip

Water, Fire and Light

  • Cleansing by water means, baptism and repentance to clean your outer soul.
  • Cleansing by fire means (I think), the work the holy spirit does

Upper and below

  • The physical-body (upper)
  • The spirit-man (below)

Or perhaps upper and below are in the other order. I say spirit-man is below because it is the foundation.

The Tomb

The annointing.

The restoration: journey back from the tomb

Challenge - obtaining the names

  • Obtaining the names of:
    • Father
      • Feed the birds if they come to you
    • Son
      • Feed the hungry
    • Holy Spirit
      • Well, I pray this is the case.

Oh good, it’s true.

Gospel of Philip:

If one goes down into the water and comes up         |
without having received anything, and says "I        |
am a Christian," he has borrowed the name at         |
interest.                                            |
But if he receives the Holy Spirit, he has the       |
name as a gift.
Truth did not come into the world naked, but
it came in types and images. The world will
not receive truth in any other way. There is a
rebirth and an image of rebirth. It is
certainly necessary to be born again through
the image. Which one? Resurrection. The image
must rise again through the image. The bridal
chamber and the image must enter through the
image into the truth: this is the restoration.
Not only must those who produce the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, do
so, but have produced them for you. If one
does not acquire them, the name ("Christian")
will also be taken from him. But one receives
the unction of the [...] of the power of the
cross. This power the apostles called "the
right and the left." For this person is no
longer a Christian but a Christ.

Challenge - open discussion

  • Possible things that may be said:
    • Confess no agape love for material possessions
    • Confess if there is universal truth it must be agape love
    • Confess God’s will be done
    • Confess Father God is absolute truth and love, greater than your own
    • Confess the relinquishing of remaining soul-ties to others, or rather that God’s will be done first
      • Kinda like Abraham and Isaac on the alter.
    • Confess work is left to be done for God, that you want to remain to work for God

Maybe now you feel ready to ascend.

Challenge - do not be a hypocrite

  • With the manner you have judged, you will be judged.
    • For example, I confess love for my fellow human
      • Bless the Buddhists

Challenge - resist temptation and evil

  • Resist evil - be faithful
    • For the things you want, resist temptation to not be faithful


  • The witnesses

The result

The ongoing mission

  • Become more like Jesus for the rest of your time on Earth

The light

  • Feels like fanning a flame in your heart (which is agape love and truth) so your whole body vibrates and burns.
    • You fan it by knowing that you are listening to God’s voice, when you listen to the voice of love and truth.
      • Your heart must be pure and true for this.

When we make the inner like the outer, and the above like the below, the male like the female, we have completed the two-baptisim process:

  • water baptism
    • transform the heart by following the commandments
      • drop addictions say to prevent anything from being your master besides Jesus’ voice and ultimately God the Father
    • ensure integrity of persona, too. So make outside actions like inner intentions, and bring them into alignment with the precepts
  • spirit/fire baptism
    • this involves spiritual death and rebirth with Jesus
      • It had nothing to do with ego death; In fact I would warn against killing the ego.
    • the fire is a cleansing which happens once the Holy Spirit has come in to reside

Now all it takes to produce the light is to allow God to act through you as a vessel. So you simply verbalise what God is telling you. Picture this, the Holy Spirit in your heart and belly burns hot when you feel loved when you do something which is True - your authentic self speaking and acting makes you feel at peace - this is Truth. When you have the feeling, speak that truth and act out that truth. Tell the world about it. That is allowing the light to shine through you.

Under these circumstances, you may feel waves of vibrational energy through your body.

This is very similar to (and may be the same as) beholding the aura of your light body during astral projection light up and waves of vibration going through the body.

Even while awake, you may have this feeling though you do not see the light body shining.

That is becomes there is what is in the light and what is in the darkness. When your aura is lit up like a candlestick you are invisible to the kingdom of darkness - I may have to double check this.

6 Blessed and holy is the one who shares in
the first resurrection! Over such the second
death has no power, but they will be priests
of God and of Christ, and they will reign with
him for a thousand years. -Revelation 20:1-6

I may have seen my divine self.

Well, all I saw was a confident red-haired woman walk past me twice, look and smile at me. I may have seen her in the past at least once, too. I just can’t remember. Also, perhaps she’s the angel who caught me when I was a kid.

Reminds me of πŸ“ a lot! I think I’m beginning to understand what’s going on.