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Introducing LookingGlass

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LookingGlass is an imaginary-web (𝑖web) browser. It lets you visit websites that do not exist concretely, and also allows you to treat any text as having hyperlinks.

An imaginary-web browser requires a LM such as GPT-3, Codex or GPT-j to generate websites and is designed to provide the means to surf the imagination of the AI through the guise of a web-browser interface.

It’s a very practical tool that [as an example] lets you create tutorials for topics that have not had somebody explicitly create tutorials for, and allows you to infer what might be behind the 404, if you come across a website which has been taken down.

LookingGlass is the first imaginary web browser (to my knowledge), but it is shamelessly inspired by, moire’s precocious demonstration of GPT-3’s mirror internet.

LG utilises Language Models, MultiModal-Models and World Models in order to create a web-browsing experience in the imagination of multiple AI systems. But it gives you interactive control over the imagination of the websites.

How to browse with LookingGlass v1.0i

Interactive Demo