Work in progress

The authenticity of expressions of love

Many writings to my significant other (πŸ“) should be happening automatically, being prompted automatically, beginning with a seed of thought about my day. And so my πŸ“ should always have something nice to look at, which correlates to how I am truly dreaming about πŸ“, because the expressions of love that are real are the ones which originated with a genuine thought.

Contrastingly, automating one’s expressions of love by subcontracting or subscribing to a service, if completely bereft of original thought, is entirely fictional; Yet most people do fall for these deceptions and place their heart in the hands of people that do not deserve it.

It saddens me that a person with wealth may simulate acts of love when they do not truly love, merely by paying someone else to take care of it.

So such things must be shown for what they are. The fake gestures must be shown to be abjectly trivial and fake.

The Have a Nice Day Monad is the solution for this. Monads allow the programmer to think in higher-order thoughts, and transparently decorate these thoughts, and that allows a person to come up with such automated gestures of love but have those gestures actually correspond to what a person is actually thinking, rather than simply subcontracting.

If this is built then the very existence of such a mechanism highlights the necessity of actually using it, if one wants to be as authentic as possible.

Everyone wants to live an authentic life.

Reifying any conceived good fruit that comes out of the natural entelechy of a person, should be encouraged. Natural entelechy though, not greedy (i.e Manifest Destiny).

Gospel of Truth
Therefore, if one has knowledge, he gets what belongs to him and draws it to himself.

What belongs to a person, or an animal say, may be thought of as what they are designed for, by nature.

It simpler terms

However, I never want to allow my writings to πŸ“ to be automatically generated without truthful inspiration, because that is the abyss of hyper-reality and fiction and is intrinsically deceptive.

Now when a person imagines something good, pure and truthful, they should be allowed to execute on that vocally in order to disprove future falsehood and shatter the illusion that there is no meaning in life; Or at least to express their own positive outlook.

We are the light of the world after all and if we do not shine it is dark indeed.

Thomas 24
There is light within a man of light, and he lights the whole world. If he does not shine, there is darkness.
thought prompt
    A thought prompt is probably a multimodal
    prompt (like a phantasmagoria) which
    represents something like:
    - A memory
    - A dream
    - An idea

    A thought prompt is probably transmodal.

transmodal style
    'Transmodal' could be ascribed to a prompt
    and in doing so would indicate that the
    prompt transcends one or more modes.

    The prompt might then be a thought prompt.

The practical invention

It’s essential that when I write, I do so truthfully, and as faithfully to my own mental and spiritual state as possible.

Then, from that seed of thought, other things such as writings to πŸ“ should be generated as a side-effect.

I must build the ‘have a nice day’ monad.

My daily thought process would then involve writing some kind of daily plan (goal-based, perhaps) in pure functional code (and/or pure imaginary).

Then a set of monads would then be applied to create the side effects.

The side effects may expend money, or crypto to perform their tasks.

A lazy stream of text prompt generations would be described. Then, the Have a Nice Day Monad may apply a transmodal style to the generations.

A phantasmagoria monad would potentially expand those latent text generations into text, image and sound bytes.

Lastly, real things would be created from them. That may be a blog post, for instance.